Timber Species - Turpentine

Species Name: Turpentine

Other Names: Red Luster, Luster

Botanical Name: Syncarpia Glomulifera

Colour Range: Pink to Pink Brown, Light to Dark Red and Red Brown to Dark Brown

Hardness: Janka hardness Rating - 12

Strength: SD3

Density: 930 kg/m3

Durability: Class 1


An Australian native Hardwood, Turpentine, is renowned to be extremely hard and durable which make this timber the main choice for use as marine pilings in Australia. The timber can range in colour from deep red to red-brown with a fine to medium texture and a wavy interlocked grain. Turpentine timber is resistant to weather, rot, marine borers and termites which makes it ideal for outdoor or exposed uses. The durability and hardness of Turpentine timber combined with the fine, interlocked grain makes this hardwood highly sought after for indoor & outdoor furniture, flooring, decking and external cladding.