Timber Species

Australia is fortunate to have a wide array of hardwoods that each have a distinct look and texture that can enrich any project. From the blondes of Blackbutt and White Mahogany and the unique grain features of Spotted Gum and Tallowwood to the rich reds of Sydney Blue Gum and Red Mahogany and the beautiful pink blushes Flooded (Rose) Gum, the broad colour palette of timbers available will suit any building project indoors or outdoors. The natural colour variation found in hardwood timber is one of its most appealing attributes.

Timber is a natural product and each log is unique in colour and character. Even within one species there will be natural variations. Some species will exhibit small variations while others vary greatly from log to log and within the log. It should be remembered no matter how big a sample of a species you have seen they are only indicative of the species colour and natural variation that may be expected.

NOTE: The natural colour variation within a timber species is normal and one of its most appealing attributes. The species samples shown here are indicative only and do not necessarily show the colour variation that can be naturally found in each species. It is recommended that large samples of the species be viewed in a timber flooring showroom when deciding on the species for a new timber floor. 

Macleay River Hardwoods has access to some of the most sought after native Australian hardwood timber species on the market including:-



A large Australian Hardwood, Blackbutt is known for its’ fire resistance, making this timber an ideal choice for decking, flooring, cladding and house framing.

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Grey Gum

Having a classical ruby red colour, Grey Gum is a stunning timber species with a demanding cathedral grain pattern and exquisite natural features that highlight...

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Red Ironbark

A popular Australian Hardwood, Red Ironbark, has been highly sought for over 200 years for its’ beauty, strength and durability. The colours range from pale to...

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Spotted Gum

A very popular Australian Hardwood, Spotted Gum, is known for its’ attractiveness, its’ durability and its’ vibrant colouring. Spotted Gum timber features...

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White Mahogany

One of Australia's premium native hardwoods with a high degree of natural durability and strength. White Mahogany, also called Yellow or White Stringybark....

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Long been sought after for its unique properties and aesthetic qualities. It has a fine and even texture with a beautiful, rich colour. A medium to large sized Australian...

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Grey Ironbark

Grey ironbark is a premium native hardwood. Grey ironbark is almost white, and ranges from light grey or light chocolate with occasional darker reds and browns.


Red Mahogany

A prestigious Australian Hardwood, Red Mahogany, is known for its’ versatility, durability, hardness and distinct colouring. Red Mahogany, also called Red....

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A prestigious timber that is sought after by architects. It is an exceptionally durable hardwood species with unique colour and grain structure. Tallowwood timber....

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Blue Gum

A wellknown timber found on the east coast of Australia. Its distinctive colour varies from soft pinks to dark pinks and red browns. Grain is typically straight with occasional...

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Red Bloodwood

Red Bloodwood is a high density hardwood that shows interesting gum vein features, which combined with its tight interlocking grain makes it a species that...

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Rose Gum

A popular Australian Hardwood, Rose Gum, is known for its’ versatility and its’ warm distinct colouring. Rose Gum timber features a moderately coarse but...

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An Australian native Hardwood, Turpentine, is renowned to be extremely hard and durable which make this timber the main choice for use as marine pilings in Australia.

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