Timber is arguably the most environmentally responsible of all building products. It is natural, renewable, sustainable and most importantly, a solution to many environmental challenges.

From decking to windows, stairs to flooring, the variety of applications timber lends itself to, highlights not only its versatility but also its inherent strength and enduring appeal. Whether it’s applied in large scale multi-storey structures or utilised for its natural aesthetic qualities as part of interior features, there is much to discover about the versatility and variety of timber in the built environment.

All our timber is milled from logs harvested in compliance with the mandatory requirements of the appropriate government bodies and all our products conform to Australian Standards.

MRH manufactures a wide range of timber products from a diverse selection of Australian hardwoods for both exterior and interior applications.

Exterior Applications

From natural outdoor sanctuaries created by timber landscaping to the strength, reliability and aesthetic appeal of exterior timber staircases. The natural appeal and beauty of timber sees functional structures and spaces blend seamlessly with their outdoor environment.

Interior Applications

From the warmth and beauty of hardwood timber flooring to the design potential of internal timber panelling. The applications and uses of timber in the indoor environment are limited only by the imagination.